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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Re: RE: Re: HTTP:// [TOWAWAY ZONE] FWD: Damning NSA Watchlist Obtained! Patriots Unite!

It’s official – Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a government (soon-to-be) CONVICTED TERRORIST!! While Conservative and values-based Americans have long suspected the terrorist-in-chief Obama to be an islamo-fascist and BIN LADEN sympathizer, we were missing that SMOKING GUN. Fortunately, the Tea Party group Sons of the Children of the Constitution Crafters, LLC launched a widespread, thorough, and deep-impacting investigation into the matter. Finally, on a recent public tour of the White House, Tea Party patriot CAGNEY CRISP pulled the document seen below, an NSA TERRORIST WATCHLIST, off a pile of papers sitting next to the infamous custom-made White House paper shredder, the PULP ANNIHILATOR X600-1.

After numerous attempts to forward the document to ALL the major news outlets and getting REJECTED by every last one (including Mad Money), we have been forced to GO PUBLIC and hit the WORLD WEB with the biggest bombshell since LONG FORM GATE.

In fact, Obama poses a threat so great to our NATION’S children, well-being, and national security that he considered turning HIMSELF in during the 2008 campaign. What kind of mushroom cloud threat is our NATION under when terrorists are turning in their terrorist brethren?!? We also have NO DOUBT that Obama is on the NSA’s no-fly list. However, after filing numerous FOIA requests (at an average rate of 14 a day for SEVERAL months), we were told, “we’ll get back to you” and “please stop calling us.” BUT STOP CALLING WE WILL NOT! The 1st Amendment EXPLICITLY protects my right to make as many phone calls to whomever I want, AT ANY AND ALL HOURS OF THE DAY!!

Please, we need your help. If you “know people,” please have them get in touch with us. We have “BIG PLANS.” Also, forward this to 19 national patriots. It’s up to you – the defenders of CLASSIC AMERICA – to keep our message of hope and faith alive.
-Cagney Crisp, Chairman of the Sons of the Children of the Constitution Crafters, LLC


  1. Jesus H. I thought this site had been shut down. Really? Who the f do I complain to about this! I'm freakin' tired of it polluting the netwaves. Go to hell Jim Turner and die there, too!

  2. I'm scared for my unborn, non-white children.

  3. The Tea Partiers generally scratch me where I itch. This is more fine work by them. So when does the treason trial begin?

  4. This is so real to me! Read Aaron Klein's book, he exposes the real Obama. Why won't the media tell you about the real Obama? Why? BECAUSE the RADICAL left have inadvertedly destroyed political discourse on COLLEGE CAMPUSES; particularly at ELI(VY)tIST COLLEGES! "Progressives" proclaim thus utilize social ails and defiency to further their own self-righteous, opportunistic endeavors. The apparent misery of the local ELI(VY)TIST League Downtrodden is a means to them to secure an ideological legacy in order to place themselves on a pedastal of moral and cultural authority. This advertised altruism is, in actuallity, A CHARLATAN'S strategy of arrogant purpose. The students are the only benefactors of their pamphlet cause. The POOR stay poor; they initiate no social change because they choose there garbage can lifestyle. This is idealistic on paper, narcissistic in practice (transcript accolades via student activism). This "TALIBAN OF MODERNITY' or "TOM' for short as so eloquently coined by Patrick J. Buchanan, revel in the fad of dissent. Ask why the vanguard of the American Working Class is DESPISED by the AWC (AMERICAN WORKING CLASS) and two notions scream for attention: Cultural Relativism (CR) (a social fallacy- CR that is) and political correctness (PC). CR and PC is Progressive Liberalism (PL). PL is regressive where all arguments and public initiatives are nothing more than perpetual diagnoseses of social problems, legitimized retrospectively through PL's PC and CR.

    We of the Clayton (NJ) Tea Party Wholeheartedly support people who devote there time to the more suffering and less working. Jesus might have been one of those people if he was around then. God Bless THEM ALL but please see Matthew 6:2!

    American "Progressives", as Cultural Elitists (CEs), have alienated themselves from the American Working CLass or AWC for short by pandering to polar-left agendas. By sharpening their focus withing the parameters of social norms they could elevate and advocate America's not so well to do (ANSWTO) expeditiously. This is not the case though. Instead of vigilantly protecting our borders for job seekers and takers or reinvigorating consumer purchasing power (cpp), a reemergence of responsible non Obama-driven labor unions and all other feasible public initiatives (e.g. tort reform, right to work), Progressives purport causes such as the eradication of the America's Judeo-Christian (J.C.H.) Heritage, the liberation of black cop slayers (Mumia ABU Hussein Obama Jamal), the mandatory acceptance of food stamps at restaurants (Le-Bec Fin or Morton's Steakhouse or Outback Grille!), the condemnation of Arizona's laws and supporting the willful intimidation of voters by the New BLACK Panther Party (NBPP). It seems true egalitariansim and public safety fall short to special (ultra-black well financed ultra left intererests) interests.
    I would gladly join a rally buttressing 'dental insurance for non mexican dishwashers" but I would NOt join a rally to ask for reparations for AmeriKKKA's racist past. The former is sensible, attainable and just. While the latter is absurd, racist, unattainable and impossible.
    The underlying, uluterior motive of any Progressive is to usurp the culture, language, values and the institutions of our nation state. They do this on campuses first and then Obama does it everywhere. As C.E.s (Cultural Elitists) their causes are not transparent for nor congruent with Americka's working body politick. Their ideological constituency is a farce! They want you to watch as people you don't know get to know other people you don't like and that is the truth. Don't take my word for it though. Read truth to power. Read Jim Turner (JT). He knows. He SEES.