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Friday, July 30, 2010

The Pen is Truly COSTLIER than the Sword!!!

Ayatollah Von Obama is at it again...

Unbeknownst to Congress, the Supreme Court, or local law enforcement agencies, President Obama has just accepted an out of court settlement approving a new “SECRET STIMULUS” (H.R. Bill 2159) to be duly enacted through State & Local legislatures.. All documents relating to the settlement are classified, so no documentation of any kind will be available to the general public for some time. But if he thinks he can fool WE THE PEOPLE, well, he’s got another thing coming!!!

Remember the BRIDGE TO NOWHERE & THE INVISIBLE ZOO in Obama’s last stimulus??? Well this one’s EVEN WORSE! The new law authorizes the creation of a new Federal agency called the OFFICE OF THE INTERIOR to submit a purchase order for A COLLECTOR’S EDITION QUILL PEN!! COMRADE SHEIK OBAMA will likely use this pen to sign UNDESIRABLE LEGISLATION & to pen personal correspondence. WORSE STILL – leaked micro-reports indicate that HUSSEIN OBAMA plans to use the pen to CENSOR PRIVATE CITIZENS’ MAIL!!! Yes folks, you read that right… Obama will use this Pen to follow through with his campaign promise to EDIT OUR LETTERS for spelling, grammar, & style.. It is not clear at this time whether the pen will have ELECTRONIC CAPABILITIES OR any other extraordinary features.

And who has he appointed to run this new AGENCY-TO-NOWHERE??? Yup, who else!!? WARREN MOON. It’ll be just like before - only instead of flicking FIRST DOWNS & INTs to Ernest Givins & Haywood Jeffires, he’ll be SUBMITTING AN ORDER FOR THE PURCHASE OF A QUILL PEN.

How much is this whole boondoggle going to COST?? The administration REFUSES to provide any receipts, account numbers, passwords, OR any other documentation relating to the purchase, & NO OFFICIAL SCORING of the bill is currently available on the CBO website. BUT YOU DO THE MATH. The costs will include the purchase price of the pen, the cost of any related investigative journalism, & the cost of REWRITING THE ENTIRE TAX CODE!!!

And who’s going to pay THE BILL for all this??? WE THE TAXPAYERS. Obama thinks he CAN TREAD ON US & WRITE ALL OVER US. WE THE PEOPLE need to get out the vote this November to DEFEAT THIS BILL!!!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

FUNNY - Stupid Liberal Jokes: No. 119!!!

Q: How many liberals does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: Well, after their 11 month bitch session about which bulb is the most energy efficient, it would likely take 1 to hold the ladder, another to screw in the bulb and yet another to "supervise" the operation. But one thing's for sure, the whole affair would be at taxpayer expense.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Re: RE: Re: HTTP:// [TOWAWAY ZONE] FWD: Damning NSA Watchlist Obtained! Patriots Unite!

It’s official – Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a government (soon-to-be) CONVICTED TERRORIST!! While Conservative and values-based Americans have long suspected the terrorist-in-chief Obama to be an islamo-fascist and BIN LADEN sympathizer, we were missing that SMOKING GUN. Fortunately, the Tea Party group Sons of the Children of the Constitution Crafters, LLC launched a widespread, thorough, and deep-impacting investigation into the matter. Finally, on a recent public tour of the White House, Tea Party patriot CAGNEY CRISP pulled the document seen below, an NSA TERRORIST WATCHLIST, off a pile of papers sitting next to the infamous custom-made White House paper shredder, the PULP ANNIHILATOR X600-1.

After numerous attempts to forward the document to ALL the major news outlets and getting REJECTED by every last one (including Mad Money), we have been forced to GO PUBLIC and hit the WORLD WEB with the biggest bombshell since LONG FORM GATE.

In fact, Obama poses a threat so great to our NATION’S children, well-being, and national security that he considered turning HIMSELF in during the 2008 campaign. What kind of mushroom cloud threat is our NATION under when terrorists are turning in their terrorist brethren?!? We also have NO DOUBT that Obama is on the NSA’s no-fly list. However, after filing numerous FOIA requests (at an average rate of 14 a day for SEVERAL months), we were told, “we’ll get back to you” and “please stop calling us.” BUT STOP CALLING WE WILL NOT! The 1st Amendment EXPLICITLY protects my right to make as many phone calls to whomever I want, AT ANY AND ALL HOURS OF THE DAY!!

Please, we need your help. If you “know people,” please have them get in touch with us. We have “BIG PLANS.” Also, forward this to 19 national patriots. It’s up to you – the defenders of CLASSIC AMERICA – to keep our message of hope and faith alive.
-Cagney Crisp, Chairman of the Sons of the Children of the Constitution Crafters, LLC