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Sunday, March 21, 2010


DEMOCRAT speaker & convicted self-plagiarist PELOSI wants to use the new Savage Brothers’ Plan (a procedural technicality often referred to as the “Savage Brothers’ Plan”) to do MORE than “just” take over healthcare… She wants to use the procedure to implement a provision that would REQUIRE you to purchase FREE HIGH-SPEED INTERNET service from the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT… If this doesn’t sound like TYRANNY to you, well, it SURE DOES to me!!!

The plan will require EVERYONE to allow GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS to install and connect high-speed internet cable to their PERSONAL HOME APPLE (MAC) OR PC... The officials could drill through your walls, rearrange your furniture, and EVEN REDECORATE YOUR HOME if they decide they need to in order to properly perform their duties…

Under this program, AMERICANS would receive a free wireless router… HOWEVER, the GOVERNMENT will require YOU to purchase a wireless card if you do not already own one… Two USB cables (one for primary use and one as a spare) will come with the router if you choose to connect via Ethernet...

There will be NO CONTENT-MONITORING WHATSOEVER of sites BASED ON CONTENT!!! Your CHILDREN may be forced BY LAW to visit and subscribe to pornographic websites… HOWEVER, parents will still be free to enable any blocker features available on their browser of choice (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Google Chrome…), and to visit any websites of their choosing... WORSE STILL, with the GOVERNMENT acting as your INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER, they will have the capability to CONTENT-MONITOR any FREEDOM-RELATED sites you may frequent... This puts us on a slippery slope to the TOTAL ANNIHILATION of our 1st and 2ND Amendment RIGHTS!!

After installation, you will be AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED in a FREE 6-week course called “Making the Most of Your New Internet Connection.” The seminars are held once-a-week and are done entirely via the internet. Each session is one WHOLE half-hour… Assignments will not be graded, and students will be permitted to work in groups…

Not only would this program represent a TOTAL GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER of your financial and personal freedoms, but it would also provide you with a FREE subscription to a weekly magazine of your choice to compensate you for this COSTLY BURDEN (most “newsstand” publications will be available through this program)…

HARD-WORKING AMERICANS could opt out of this ONEROUS requirement by simply filing a quick online request from at

OBVIOUSLY, you should call your Congressman and DEMAND they vote against the HEALTHCARE HOLOCAUST… But while you’ve got him ON THE LINE, tell them to vote against PELOSINET as well!!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

FWD: fw: Fwd: FW: YOU are moving to NEW YORK CITY!!!

Whether you want to or not! File this one under “This Only Could Happen In New York”!! DID YOU KNOW New York City will hold a referendum this November that will allow voters in New York City to substantially expand its City limits??? It’s true!!! PLEASE READ ON…

This ballot question, Proposition 42, reads in part that
“borough maps at City Hall are antiquated,” and calls for voters to authorize the City to “appropriate funds to sufficiently update the drawing of city maps for the purposes of official city record keeping.” It doesn’t take a ROCKET SCIENTIST to figure out what this means – CLEARLY, they’ll use this new GOVERNMENT POWER to annex WHOLESOME communities! Preliminary reports indicate that Bentonville, Arkansas; Bakersfield, California; and Ypsilanti, Michigan may be among the first annexation targets… but NO ONE is safe!! AND IT GETS EVEN BETTER – insiders are saying that any jurisdictions subject to annexation would remain fully autonomous and would retain the governmental structure they had prior to annexation!!!

The implications would be far-reaching and could affect you, your family, your coworkers, and your friends. If YOUR community is annexed, CRIMINALS could LEGALLY enter your neighborhood to live and work. The City Council could construct Federal and state prisons near where you work and where your kids play ball. Plus, worst of all, YOU YOURSELF WOULD BE A NEW YORK CITY RESIDENT!! This means you would have to pay New York City taxes, receive additional public services, have trash on your lawn, rats in your home, AND NOT TO MENTION - you’d have to pay the salaries for a bunch of lazy, worthless cops and firemen!!! WORSE STILL, your hard-earned cash would slide right into Ol’ Welfare Queenie’s front-skirt pocket!! YOUR 16 oz. New York Strip would be sizzling on HER George Foreman Grill (yeah, the thought of that meat on a Foreman Grill gets my blood boiling too!). Talk about a WELFARE COOKOUT!! Who’s bringin’ the ORANGE SODA!!

WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO ACT FAST!!! I have it on good authority that it “is…possible” that the measure will hit the ballot AS SOON AS THIS NOVEMBER. (A guy from my poker game knows a guy who works near Sen. Charles Schumer’s office.)

PS I’ve already started a “No on Prop 42” campaign. I have t-shits for sale at if anyone is interested: Upcoming gatherings will be announced shortly. Walk-ins welcome!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Fwd: RE: [SPAM] Senate Liberals Move to REGULATE MUSIC

Guess what people?? BIG GOVERNMENT SENATORS in the Senate want to extend their tentacles into the MUSIC YOU LISTEN TO!!! Senator Allen Franken (D-MN, former SNL head writer & notorious New York Liberal Jew) recently attempted to tack a nonbinding “disappearing rider” onto Senate Bill 1495* that would have represented a blatantly UNCONSTITUTIONAL INTRUSION into your personal freedoms. The provision would have allowed the Feds to arrange a time with you TO BREAK INTO YOUR HOME, carefully leaf through your vinyl, & INSPECT** ANY & ALL 10- or 12- inch records in your PRIVATE record collection (7-inch records would be exempt in most cases).

Under the provision, if they had found ANY of the vinyl to be worn, substandard, discredited, or FLAT-OUT UNPLAYABLE, they would have had the authority to REPLACE IT with a remastered Compact Disc edition of Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band’s Night Moves (1976), or, upon demonstration of reasonable cause, a 120 gram vinyl pressing of Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring (1944). Agents would also, on a case-by-case basis, have the authority to make recommendations for subsequent purchases.

While the proposal was only mentioned in an off-hand & partially inaudible conversation between Sen. Franken & Sen. Feinstein (D-CA) at a dinner at top D.C. restaurant Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, THE PROVISION ALMOST MADE THE FINAL BILL!!! Senators Franken, Feinstein, & all the other RADICAL LIBERALS in the Senate must be STOPPED before WE AMERICANS lose the right to listen to the music WE CHOOSE (including Ted Nugent, “The Boss,” Phil Collins, John Mellencamp Cougar, Sting, and MANY others).

Please forward this to ALL AMERICANS who value their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!!

Additional details available at Note that no upcoming tours are planned at this time.

*The Service Dogs for Veterans Act (S.1495), which was signed into law on October 22nd. The bill creates a pilot program to evaluate the benefits of using service dogs to help treat veterans with physical or mental injuries.

**”Inspection” includes the playing of your albums on a high-quality Hi-Fi. If you do not own one, a suitable one will be provided for you. Listeners who meet certain criteria laid out in regulations will be allowed to keep the top-quality stereo after the Federal Vinyl Record Inspectors vacate your home, residence, property, garage, or rec. room. Listeners may also be entitled to a tax deduction representing the fair market value of any imperfections in the original recordings.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fwd: FWD: Fw: Re: Fwd: A MONUMENTAL Disgrace

“President” OBAMA has NO respect for our Constitution, our Founding Fathers, our Traditions, or our Very Way of Life. Want proof??? He is secretly planning to use pork-ulus money to “modernize” (read: DESTROY) Mt. Rushmore as we know it!!! If you want to keep on living in IGNORANCE, simply delete this message. But if you want to know what’s REALLY HAPPENING to our country, PLEASE READ ON…

OBAMA has instructed the National Park Service to replace Mt. Rushmore, featuring four of our greatest Presidents, with the likenesses of four of his closest cronies – all in the name of making the monument more DIVERSE!!! From left to right, the new memorial will feature Mike Tyson (50-6, 44 KO, 2 NC), Daryl Strawberry (.259/.357/.505, 335 HR, WARP3 of 69.4, 1983 ROY), Michael Jackson (top-selling album, longest album at #1 on Billboard 200, 28 top ten hits, King of All Pop), & Sterling Sharpe (595 rec. for 8,135 yds. and 65 TD, 5 time Pro Bowl selection, credentialed Sports Broadcaster). Somehow OBAMA thinks these people are more worthy than the FOUNDING FATHERS!!!

The modest granite memorial depicting these four will be located near Keystone, South Dakota. The planned site is about 8.5 miles northwest of the original Mt. Rushmore, which will remain unaltered and in its present location.

I write this as a CONCERNED CITIZEN and a FATHER OF FOUR. I care about the FUTURE of this country, & if you do too, pass this on!!!

PS Oh, and I’m sure it’s just a COINCIDENCE that all four of these people are AFRICAN AMERICANS!!! Yeah, right!

PPS My family is originally from the St. Louis area. I have 2 older sisters and a brother, who is nine months younger than me.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I wouldn't think it was possible if I hadn't seen the draft bill with my OWN EYES !!!

A bill is now under consideration in the White House which would FORCE ALL AMERICAN HOMEOWNERS to allow ACORN employees to LIVE with them IN THEIR HOMES !!!

HUSSEIN OBAMA plans to pass a bill in both houses of Congress which would give ACORN "organizers" who can demonstrate financial need the right to FORCE you to allow them to live in YOUR HOME !!! Unlucky victims would be forced to provide a suitable bedroom, access to bathing & bathroom facilities, as well as access to common areas in the house (living room, basement, kitchen, crawlspace, attic, etc.).

In turn, homeowners will be entitled to a monthly payment from their boarders reflecting prevailing rents in the regional rental market, as well as a prorated share of any qualifying food and/or utility expenses. However, under most circumstances, cable and high-speed internet will CONTINUE TO BE THE HOMEOWNER'S SOLE RESPONSIBILITY. Think of the payout this complicated law will give to LIBERAL CPAs & UNIONS !!!

This bill is a NIGHTMARE for honest Americans. We must UNITE to FIGHT THIS BILL !!!

-- An Honest American