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Friday, March 19, 2010

FWD: fw: Fwd: FW: YOU are moving to NEW YORK CITY!!!

Whether you want to or not! File this one under “This Only Could Happen In New York”!! DID YOU KNOW New York City will hold a referendum this November that will allow voters in New York City to substantially expand its City limits??? It’s true!!! PLEASE READ ON…

This ballot question, Proposition 42, reads in part that
“borough maps at City Hall are antiquated,” and calls for voters to authorize the City to “appropriate funds to sufficiently update the drawing of city maps for the purposes of official city record keeping.” It doesn’t take a ROCKET SCIENTIST to figure out what this means – CLEARLY, they’ll use this new GOVERNMENT POWER to annex WHOLESOME communities! Preliminary reports indicate that Bentonville, Arkansas; Bakersfield, California; and Ypsilanti, Michigan may be among the first annexation targets… but NO ONE is safe!! AND IT GETS EVEN BETTER – insiders are saying that any jurisdictions subject to annexation would remain fully autonomous and would retain the governmental structure they had prior to annexation!!!

The implications would be far-reaching and could affect you, your family, your coworkers, and your friends. If YOUR community is annexed, CRIMINALS could LEGALLY enter your neighborhood to live and work. The City Council could construct Federal and state prisons near where you work and where your kids play ball. Plus, worst of all, YOU YOURSELF WOULD BE A NEW YORK CITY RESIDENT!! This means you would have to pay New York City taxes, receive additional public services, have trash on your lawn, rats in your home, AND NOT TO MENTION - you’d have to pay the salaries for a bunch of lazy, worthless cops and firemen!!! WORSE STILL, your hard-earned cash would slide right into Ol’ Welfare Queenie’s front-skirt pocket!! YOUR 16 oz. New York Strip would be sizzling on HER George Foreman Grill (yeah, the thought of that meat on a Foreman Grill gets my blood boiling too!). Talk about a WELFARE COOKOUT!! Who’s bringin’ the ORANGE SODA!!

WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO ACT FAST!!! I have it on good authority that it “is…possible” that the measure will hit the ballot AS SOON AS THIS NOVEMBER. (A guy from my poker game knows a guy who works near Sen. Charles Schumer’s office.)

PS I’ve already started a “No on Prop 42” campaign. I have t-shits for sale at if anyone is interested: Upcoming gatherings will be announced shortly. Walk-ins welcome!


  1. Hadn't heard about this. I see any New Yawkers around here, I'm pullin out Ol' Master Blaster!

  2. Have you ever seen Easy Rider, Mr. Crosby? I think you'd like the end.

  3. That's a very creative reading of the Prop 42 language.

  4. if they do this ill move to africa!!!

  5. This is a keystone in the arch of progressivism. They wish to impose an urbanized modes of society on the entire country in order to control our modes of discourse.

  6. There are NO SMALL TOWN VALUES in JEW YORK CITY!! stay out of my AMERICA!

  7. Fuck it. Already live there. Hot snatch everywhere!