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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I wouldn't think it was possible if I hadn't seen the draft bill with my OWN EYES !!!

A bill is now under consideration in the White House which would FORCE ALL AMERICAN HOMEOWNERS to allow ACORN employees to LIVE with them IN THEIR HOMES !!!

HUSSEIN OBAMA plans to pass a bill in both houses of Congress which would give ACORN "organizers" who can demonstrate financial need the right to FORCE you to allow them to live in YOUR HOME !!! Unlucky victims would be forced to provide a suitable bedroom, access to bathing & bathroom facilities, as well as access to common areas in the house (living room, basement, kitchen, crawlspace, attic, etc.).

In turn, homeowners will be entitled to a monthly payment from their boarders reflecting prevailing rents in the regional rental market, as well as a prorated share of any qualifying food and/or utility expenses. However, under most circumstances, cable and high-speed internet will CONTINUE TO BE THE HOMEOWNER'S SOLE RESPONSIBILITY. Think of the payout this complicated law will give to LIBERAL CPAs & UNIONS !!!

This bill is a NIGHTMARE for honest Americans. We must UNITE to FIGHT THIS BILL !!!

-- An Honest American


  1. Geez Jim! How could that possibly be true?

  2. ryan - your so naive... look at all the other stuff this lunatic has done

  3. Yea look at the payouts to ACORN



    What an idiotic bunch of people I've just stumbled upon! I must read on -- this stuff seems pretty funny.

  5. yeah reall funny til we wake up and were in soviet russia. will see who the idiot is then.

  6. I can't beliieve people think America is really this weak. When we complained about Bush, it was about stuff that was ACTUALLY HAPPENING! Well over 99% of Americans do not want Communism... just a some need a little help to scrap and survive till they can pursue the American dream themselves, which they know cannot happen without capitalism. I don't know who here is a moron. Nobody has all the information. You just go by what you hear. If "An Honest American" tells you something and his source is heresay, maybe don't believe it till you see it. Where are all these labor camps I keep hearing about? Nowhere. It's a bunch of BS to make you fall for giving all your money to the rich.