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Monday, March 15, 2010

Fwd: FWD: Fw: Re: Fwd: A MONUMENTAL Disgrace

“President” OBAMA has NO respect for our Constitution, our Founding Fathers, our Traditions, or our Very Way of Life. Want proof??? He is secretly planning to use pork-ulus money to “modernize” (read: DESTROY) Mt. Rushmore as we know it!!! If you want to keep on living in IGNORANCE, simply delete this message. But if you want to know what’s REALLY HAPPENING to our country, PLEASE READ ON…

OBAMA has instructed the National Park Service to replace Mt. Rushmore, featuring four of our greatest Presidents, with the likenesses of four of his closest cronies – all in the name of making the monument more DIVERSE!!! From left to right, the new memorial will feature Mike Tyson (50-6, 44 KO, 2 NC), Daryl Strawberry (.259/.357/.505, 335 HR, WARP3 of 69.4, 1983 ROY), Michael Jackson (top-selling album, longest album at #1 on Billboard 200, 28 top ten hits, King of All Pop), & Sterling Sharpe (595 rec. for 8,135 yds. and 65 TD, 5 time Pro Bowl selection, credentialed Sports Broadcaster). Somehow OBAMA thinks these people are more worthy than the FOUNDING FATHERS!!!

The modest granite memorial depicting these four will be located near Keystone, South Dakota. The planned site is about 8.5 miles northwest of the original Mt. Rushmore, which will remain unaltered and in its present location.

I write this as a CONCERNED CITIZEN and a FATHER OF FOUR. I care about the FUTURE of this country, & if you do too, pass this on!!!

PS Oh, and I’m sure it’s just a COINCIDENCE that all four of these people are AFRICAN AMERICANS!!! Yeah, right!

PPS My family is originally from the St. Louis area. I have 2 older sisters and a brother, who is nine months younger than me.


  1. How is it diverse when all 4 are black!!!!

  2. Either I'm missing something, or you guys are completely insane.

  3. Nothing surprises me anymore. The Democrats seek to undo the one foundational principle of free enterprise - one must perform free productive labor in return for valuable items, as well as other items of value. This is just one more step toward that end.

  4. I didn't serve MY U.S. OF A. FOR THIS!

  5. You know pobama is jst trying to get his flunkys in his 1 term bcs he knows REAL AMERICAns are sick&tired of his rookery, and will take AMERICA back in 2010. ByBy NObama.