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Sunday, March 21, 2010


DEMOCRAT speaker & convicted self-plagiarist PELOSI wants to use the new Savage Brothers’ Plan (a procedural technicality often referred to as the “Savage Brothers’ Plan”) to do MORE than “just” take over healthcare… She wants to use the procedure to implement a provision that would REQUIRE you to purchase FREE HIGH-SPEED INTERNET service from the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT… If this doesn’t sound like TYRANNY to you, well, it SURE DOES to me!!!

The plan will require EVERYONE to allow GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS to install and connect high-speed internet cable to their PERSONAL HOME APPLE (MAC) OR PC... The officials could drill through your walls, rearrange your furniture, and EVEN REDECORATE YOUR HOME if they decide they need to in order to properly perform their duties…

Under this program, AMERICANS would receive a free wireless router… HOWEVER, the GOVERNMENT will require YOU to purchase a wireless card if you do not already own one… Two USB cables (one for primary use and one as a spare) will come with the router if you choose to connect via Ethernet...

There will be NO CONTENT-MONITORING WHATSOEVER of sites BASED ON CONTENT!!! Your CHILDREN may be forced BY LAW to visit and subscribe to pornographic websites… HOWEVER, parents will still be free to enable any blocker features available on their browser of choice (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, Google Chrome…), and to visit any websites of their choosing... WORSE STILL, with the GOVERNMENT acting as your INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER, they will have the capability to CONTENT-MONITOR any FREEDOM-RELATED sites you may frequent... This puts us on a slippery slope to the TOTAL ANNIHILATION of our 1st and 2ND Amendment RIGHTS!!

After installation, you will be AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLED in a FREE 6-week course called “Making the Most of Your New Internet Connection.” The seminars are held once-a-week and are done entirely via the internet. Each session is one WHOLE half-hour… Assignments will not be graded, and students will be permitted to work in groups…

Not only would this program represent a TOTAL GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER of your financial and personal freedoms, but it would also provide you with a FREE subscription to a weekly magazine of your choice to compensate you for this COSTLY BURDEN (most “newsstand” publications will be available through this program)…

HARD-WORKING AMERICANS could opt out of this ONEROUS requirement by simply filing a quick online request from at

OBVIOUSLY, you should call your Congressman and DEMAND they vote against the HEALTHCARE HOLOCAUST… But while you’ve got him ON THE LINE, tell them to vote against PELOSINET as well!!!


  1. Amen, brother! I was one of the patriot Americans calling Barney "Fag" Frank a faggot in front of the Capital yesterday. I'm proud Rep. Bishop from Utah's 1st has the American balls to stand up to Super Bitch and Her Faggoting Minions!!

  2. Free internet? Man, sign me up. That shit's expensive.

  3. i heard about this.. they want to use are money to control us

  4. This follows the age old pattern. The first thing a government does before enslaves its people is to create a monopoly over the flow of information. We are on the "road to serfdom."

  5. Here we go again! Government needs to FEAR its PEOPLE, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!! They cannot be allowed to continue to impede on my INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS!