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Friday, February 26, 2010

Fw: Fwd: Fwd: Fw: FWD: Re: Fw: Uncle Sam Wants Your Gold!!!

It's bad enough that Sheik OBAMA, Reid, & Pelosi want to pass a 53,000 page bill which, if it becomes law, would subject the American People to nothing short of MEDICAL SLAVERY. But, believe it or not folks, it gets EVEN WORSE !!! They want to pay for this unprecedented expansion of government power by SEIZING OUR GOLD !!!

OBAMA is working with his allies in the White House to insert a provision in the Democrat health bill which would require all American taxpayers to REPORT their holdings of gold to the IRS on their tax returns under PENALTY OF LAW !!! THAT'S RIGHT - ALL of your gold, including wedding rings, jewelry, achievements, white gold, collectibles, etc. etc. will have to be reported !!! The IRS would THEN be empowered to SEIZE any & all of these items during normal business hours. The owners of GOLD would receive cash compensation from the US Treasury in the amount of the independently appraised value of the gold items, PLUS a 5-10% markup for the inconvenience.

Penalties for failing to report gold holdings will range from fines of $500 to 15-year prison sentences. However, preliminary reports indicate that Federal prosecutors will generally seek a variety of innovative alternative sentences, including conditional release & public service programs.

Not only will this represent the most egregious confiscation of wealth in AMERICAN HISTORY - it will deprive the American People of ALL of their GOLD POSSESSIONS !!!

This is the ultimate DOUBLE-WHAMMY!!! The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT would use our very gold against us. We must tenaciously fight this radical expansion of the powers of government if our freedoms are to survive.

Monday, February 22, 2010

ALERT: FWD: FWD: FW: FWD: fwd: RE: Great Big Wheel

Fellow Citizens:

This administration continues to make a MOCKERY of our great nation.

Certified MUSLIM & COMMUNIST OBAMA is now pressuring top Pentagon officials to make funds available to build a Ferris Wheel at Guantanamo Bay for use by the prisoners as a reward for good behavior.

Yes folks, you read that right! A FERRIS WHEEL!!! According to the leaked design plan, the Wheel will stand at 193 ft. (approximately 59 meters), making it the second tallest Wheel in the nation, just behind the Texas Star in Dallas, Texas. The tentative name for the Wheel is the Great Big Wheel.

Not only will the Wheel provide prisoners with the stimulation inherent in experiencing a large, vertical circular motion, but it will ALSO provide breathtaking views of this coastal Caribbean region. But it gets EVEN BETTER – the administration plans to pay for the Wheel by diverting funds dedicated to providing body armor for our Brave Soldiers!!!

Apparently this president would rather spend time, money, & EVEN AMERICAN LIVES to entertain terrorists, when he should be FIGHTING them!!!

Get the word OUT!!!


--Nebraska Ned

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

URGENT: STOP Obama's New Reparations Proposal!!!

Folks, it just doesn't get any CRAZIER than this.

Comrade-in-Chief OBAMA has surreptiously inserted into the new "jobs bill" (read: "WELFARE bill") a clause that would provide black households with FREE, top-of-the line, laser-jet color printers. Who's going to PAY for this??? Yup, you guessed it - the rest of us who actually WORK for a living!!!

If passed, H.R. 1161 §§ A(3)(w) et. seq. would authorize the White House to buy and distribute to EACH AND EVERY "qualifying African-American household" the newest, most lavish, and MOST EXPENSIVE laser-jet color printers. While the choice of the exact model has yet to be determined pending a careful review of the specs and consumer reports, sources indicate that the Dell 3130cn and Lexmark C734dn are the early frontrunners. Both provide good value, extended warranties, and ongoing technical support. But BEWARE - given the scale of this project, there are bound to be delays and logistical problems arising during the delivery process.

So it has come to this!!!?? If it wasn't clear before, it should be clear now - Obama is a BLATANT RACIST!!! Apparently 200 years of fat WELFARE checks aren't enough - we still OWE these people something! I'll say this - my uncle didn't serve in the U.S. Army Signal Corps from 1973-1976 so America could become a SOCIALIST STATE!


--A True American

Friday, February 12, 2010

From Ben in Memphis - Democrat Party to LEGALIZE CRIME!!!!

Comrade OBAMA has co-sponsored a bill in CONGRESS to LEGALIZE CRIME!!!

Using their typical secretive meetings and back-room deals, OBAMA and the other DEMS in CONGRESS have reached a deal to ram an unprecedented bill down Americans’ throats. If passed, this bill would DESTROY the very fabric of American society. Among other things, this bill would LEGALIZE CRIME (with the limited exception of any criminal offenses specified by state or Federal statute).

THINK about it. This would mean that the convicted CRIMINALS and RAPISTS who put OBAMA in the White House will be able to legally roam the streets, provided they have not been duly prosecuted and incarcerated under Federal or state law. GOD help us if we don't stop this bill.

We MUST STOP THIS BILL!!! Call your Congressman and DEMAND that he stand up against this LIBERAL INSANITY!!!

FUNNY – Stupid Liberal Jokes: No. 118!!!

Two men find themselves stranded on a deserted tropical island. The first is a staunch Conservative and the second is a typical liberal.

The Conservative and the liberal start discussing how to get off the island. The liberal suggests they start screaming “help!” as loud as they can, working in shifts for an hour each until someone hears them. The Conservative, confused, responds, “I really don’t think that would work.” To this the liberal replies, “yeah, I guess you’re right.”

The two then agree that the best way off the island is probably to build a canoe and row to the nearest deserted tropical island. After two weeks of tireless work and a great deal of wrangling, the two men successfully build a make-shift canoe out of one of the palm trees on the island.

Working up their nerve, the two men finally decided to set off on their desperate voyage. However, shortly after departing the island, the canoe sank; it was poorly constructed due to the two men’s unfamiliarity with carpentry and/or ship-building.

Pass on to your friends!

ALERT: Crooked Dems in Congress To Invent a New Dog!!!

The Gang of Four (Obama, Pelosi & Reed) want to take EVEN MORE of your hard-earned money and waste it on pork, pork, and EVEN MORE PORK. These CROOKS are now trying to spend over $263 million of YOUR MONEY inventing a New Dog. Stop this payout to Democrat cronies!!!

Don’t believe me? Here are the FACTS. The Obama pork-ulus has a hidden section giving HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars to pay for inventing a New Dog. The scientist doing the research (at Harvard, of course!) gave over $100 million to OBAMA’S campaign. Look it up, it’s all in the bill!

And how are they going to pay for this?? By imposing a new DOG TAX. Every time you buy a dog you will be TAXED – from 1.25% for low-grade dogs increasing to up to 3.75% for the high-end breeds!! (Note: special exemptions are available for seeing-eye dogs, service dogs, and cancer-sniffing dogs – contact your tax professional!)

We REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS work hard for our money, and we don't need it WASTED on pork-barrel projects like inventing New Dogs. I worked somewhere between 45 and 50 hours a week for a three week stretch last October, though official payroll records do not reflect this. Since then my hours have fluctuated.

CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN and tell him we don’t need Muslim-in-Chief Obama’s New Dog!!! It’s time to take our country BACK!!!



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