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Friday, February 12, 2010

From Ben in Memphis - Democrat Party to LEGALIZE CRIME!!!!

Comrade OBAMA has co-sponsored a bill in CONGRESS to LEGALIZE CRIME!!!

Using their typical secretive meetings and back-room deals, OBAMA and the other DEMS in CONGRESS have reached a deal to ram an unprecedented bill down Americans’ throats. If passed, this bill would DESTROY the very fabric of American society. Among other things, this bill would LEGALIZE CRIME (with the limited exception of any criminal offenses specified by state or Federal statute).

THINK about it. This would mean that the convicted CRIMINALS and RAPISTS who put OBAMA in the White House will be able to legally roam the streets, provided they have not been duly prosecuted and incarcerated under Federal or state law. GOD help us if we don't stop this bill.

We MUST STOP THIS BILL!!! Call your Congressman and DEMAND that he stand up against this LIBERAL INSANITY!!!


  1. Someone has to do something before this gets out of our control. The people must speak!

  2. I truly hope both the C.I.A. and the F.B.I. have a file on you. Frankly, your a threat to America.

  3. WHAT NEXT?!?!? I bet them dems will be happy when LEGAL CRIMINALS are running the FED! this is so TYPICAL of LIBERAL-LOONERY!

    Please FORWARD to your fellow PATRIOTS! Our COUNTRY'S FABRIC is at stake!