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Friday, February 12, 2010

ALERT: Crooked Dems in Congress To Invent a New Dog!!!

The Gang of Four (Obama, Pelosi & Reed) want to take EVEN MORE of your hard-earned money and waste it on pork, pork, and EVEN MORE PORK. These CROOKS are now trying to spend over $263 million of YOUR MONEY inventing a New Dog. Stop this payout to Democrat cronies!!!

Don’t believe me? Here are the FACTS. The Obama pork-ulus has a hidden section giving HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars to pay for inventing a New Dog. The scientist doing the research (at Harvard, of course!) gave over $100 million to OBAMA’S campaign. Look it up, it’s all in the bill!

And how are they going to pay for this?? By imposing a new DOG TAX. Every time you buy a dog you will be TAXED – from 1.25% for low-grade dogs increasing to up to 3.75% for the high-end breeds!! (Note: special exemptions are available for seeing-eye dogs, service dogs, and cancer-sniffing dogs – contact your tax professional!)

We REAL AMERICAN PATRIOTS work hard for our money, and we don't need it WASTED on pork-barrel projects like inventing New Dogs. I worked somewhere between 45 and 50 hours a week for a three week stretch last October, though official payroll records do not reflect this. Since then my hours have fluctuated.

CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN and tell him we don’t need Muslim-in-Chief Obama’s New Dog!!! It’s time to take our country BACK!!!


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