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Friday, February 12, 2010

FUNNY – Stupid Liberal Jokes: No. 118!!!

Two men find themselves stranded on a deserted tropical island. The first is a staunch Conservative and the second is a typical liberal.

The Conservative and the liberal start discussing how to get off the island. The liberal suggests they start screaming “help!” as loud as they can, working in shifts for an hour each until someone hears them. The Conservative, confused, responds, “I really don’t think that would work.” To this the liberal replies, “yeah, I guess you’re right.”

The two then agree that the best way off the island is probably to build a canoe and row to the nearest deserted tropical island. After two weeks of tireless work and a great deal of wrangling, the two men successfully build a make-shift canoe out of one of the palm trees on the island.

Working up their nerve, the two men finally decided to set off on their desperate voyage. However, shortly after departing the island, the canoe sank; it was poorly constructed due to the two men’s unfamiliarity with carpentry and/or ship-building.

Pass on to your friends!

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