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Monday, February 22, 2010

ALERT: FWD: FWD: FW: FWD: fwd: RE: Great Big Wheel

Fellow Citizens:

This administration continues to make a MOCKERY of our great nation.

Certified MUSLIM & COMMUNIST OBAMA is now pressuring top Pentagon officials to make funds available to build a Ferris Wheel at Guantanamo Bay for use by the prisoners as a reward for good behavior.

Yes folks, you read that right! A FERRIS WHEEL!!! According to the leaked design plan, the Wheel will stand at 193 ft. (approximately 59 meters), making it the second tallest Wheel in the nation, just behind the Texas Star in Dallas, Texas. The tentative name for the Wheel is the Great Big Wheel.

Not only will the Wheel provide prisoners with the stimulation inherent in experiencing a large, vertical circular motion, but it will ALSO provide breathtaking views of this coastal Caribbean region. But it gets EVEN BETTER – the administration plans to pay for the Wheel by diverting funds dedicated to providing body armor for our Brave Soldiers!!!

Apparently this president would rather spend time, money, & EVEN AMERICAN LIVES to entertain terrorists, when he should be FIGHTING them!!!

Get the word OUT!!!


--Nebraska Ned


  1. What the hell are you talking about? Where do you get this from? I haven't seen anything like this on any of the major news sites, including Fox and Drudge.

  2. Dude, ur saying just because President Obama's black he's a communist. Pope John Paul II fought against communism in Poland because it wouldn't allow blacks in. Does anybody on this stupid site know history? Ure racists.